ENG 205 - Best

Sam N's final game


Robot Finds Cat

DiGRA 2018

DiGRA 2018 sample Inform game
Sample Inform code (plain text)
Panel presentation
Unit 1 assignment (Twine)
Unit 2 assignment (Twine)
Unit 3 assignment (Inform 7)
Twine small-group peer review
Twine Number Guessing assignment
Twine grading rubric
Inform grading rubric
Download Twine
Download Inform 7
Contact: bjbest at carrollu dot edu

We introduced interactive fiction by playing interactive fiction: Welcome to ENG 205!

The Unofficial Sea-Monkey(R) Simulation

The Legend

Variables and conditionals example story

When Life Gives You Apples, an Inform game exclusive to ENG 205!

The Lazst Resort, a parser game I wrote in 2002(!)

B.J. Best, Poet